IT'S TIME TO... Reduce Waste

Published on 2 November 2023

We are Carla and Laetitia, the team who can help you reduce your waste.

A survey conducted by Eurostat in 2020 revealed that each inhabitant of Luxembourg produced an average of 147 kg of food waste per year, 91 kg of which came from households. The year 2020, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, was characterised by considerable food waste.   
Food waste has a significant environmental impact, contributing 16 % of total greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, the production of our food requires a significant amount of water, so food waste is a waste of this resource. By wasting almost 30 % of food production, it is estimated that our food system and our consumption habits contribute to the waste of around 500 litres of water per person per day. (Source: D. Zimmer, "L'Empreinte eau", 2013) 



Next event


Innovative solutions and ideas to combat food waste, 1 December from 9am to 12pm

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions for reducing this waste. You will then discover the catering of the future, which enables products to be created from waste flows.





Exhibition "Mir Sinn Antigaspi, an Dir?"

Discover the exhibition featuring the six collective challenges carried out by the children from the Maison Relais participating in the project.
What challenge will you be taking on today?




Transition kit for companies

Single-use plastics alternatives are monitored to help you understand their characteristics and compare them. Companies’ experiences and feedback are also included in the kit. Available in FrenchEnglish and German.




Leaflet "Waste management in the workplace"

This factsheet will help you to successfully sort waste on your premises. Best practices, local resources, and contact points in Luxembourg.



Slow Down with the Sustainability Mag



Interview with Esra Tat: The issue is rooted in our throw-away culture

The Associate Director of Zero Waste Europe talks about the goal of a waste-free Europe. What can we do to achieve this vision?

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