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CSR Europe 

The European Business Network for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.
CSR Europe is the leading European business network for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility. With our corporate members, National Partner Organisations (NPOs), and Associated Partners, we unite, inspire & support over 10,000 enterprises at local, European and global level.

We support businesses & industry sectors in their transformation and collaboration towards practical solutions and sustainable growth. We are for systemic change. Following the SDGs, we want to co-build with the European leaders and stakeholders an overarching strategy for a Sustainable Europe 2030.





European Commission - Directorate General for justice

Diversity Charters across the EU 

Diversity charters are among the latest in a series of voluntary diversity initiatives aimed at encouraging companies to implement and develop diversity policies.

A diversity charter consists of a short document voluntarily signed by a company or a public institution. It outlines the measures it will undertake to promote diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace, regardless of race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability and religion.

The diversity policies developed within companies adhering to a diversity charter recognise, understand and value people's similarities and differences as representing huge potential sources of innovation, problem-solving, customer focus, etc.

UE-level exchange plaform

The European Commission recognises that diversity charters can contribute to fighting discrimination in the workplace and to promoting equality.

Therefore it is funding a platform for EU-level exchange between organisations promoting and implementing national diversity charters. The platform is part of a larger project which aims at supporting voluntary initiatives promoting diversity management in the workplace.

The EU-level exchange platform allows the promoters of the existing diversity charters to meet on a regular basis, to share their experiences and develop common tools.


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