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Responsability to move beyond the status-quo

The tenth edition of the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2021 took place on 13th October at the Tramsshapp for a few lucky people and online for all. This year, Luxembourg's key CSR and sustainable development event had an environmental focus with highlights on biodiversity, climate change, and carbon neutrality.

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A poignant "zoom" conversation between the planet and Natasha Tsakos, 2030 Ambassador for the United Nations, interactive designer and committed artist.

Fire, floods, pandemic, biodiversity loss, what do we need to react?

Resulting from an unparalleled harmony and complex links, the spheres of biodiversity and climate define nature in an indivisible way. Although they have multiple influences on each other, the two subjects are often dealt with in silos: international meetings, reports and legislative frameworks are mostly set apart.

On the occasion of the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum, world leading experts from IPBES, IPCC and WWF highlight the need to undertake a coordinated approach to these major and interrelated challenges of the Anthropocene. Gathered around a round table, they will help us understand the links, synergies and negative effects between climate change and ecosystem degradation, as well as the opportunities and safety nets that need to be put in place to ensure virtuous impacts between these two issues. From science to business, as well as political decision-makers and citizens, an overview of the role of society's actors in responding to these key challenges. 


Marco Lambertini, Director General - WWF International
Dr Anne Larigauderie, Executive Secretary - The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) 
Dr Hans Otto-Pörtner, Co-Chair Working Group II - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  

Replay also available in French - German

Climate and biodiversity: shaping up new ways for converging solutions

Nature-based solutions, regenerative methods, science-based targets... We welcome Irene Garcia to tell us about an innovative urban project that makes it possible to welcome biodiversity in the city. James Smith to understand the concepts behind these solutions and how they challenge the vision of business as usual for a nature-positive future. And Maxime Riché to share with us the initiatives he has discovered around the world to marvel at the potential and the will of human beings to act, he will also present the Climate Heroes exhibition. 

Replay also available in French - German

"La fabrique des pandémies", with marie-monique robin

Interview with Marie-Monique Robin. This name is probably familiar to you as it is that of an investigative journalist, director, and author is known for not backing down from any obstacle. Her method has earned her the prestigious Albert Londres prize. Her long filmography includes "The world according to Monsanto", but today the subject that occupies her is the links between biodiversity and human health. With her book "La Fabrique des pandémies", published this year by La Découverte, she makes a clear statement. If nothing happens to halt the destruction of ecosystems, we will experience even greater pandemics.

The documentary will be previewed in the Grand Duchy next spring, exclusively by IMS Luxembourg.

Replay also available in French - German

Undertaking Biodiversity: Growing initiatives in Luxembourg

On the occasion of the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2021, scientists, associations, and Luxembourg companies will testify about existing good practices in the country. They all encourage reflection and action, both collectively and individually.

Test your knowledge on biodiversity

Replay also available in French - German

Low Tech adventure story: A conversation with Caroline Pultz

Since 2016, this unique sailing laboratory has been exploring low-tech innovations. Defined as useful, accessible, and sustainable, these solutions can be found in all four corners of the planet. They provide clean and responsible answers to economic, social, and environmental challenges around the globe. Nomade des Mers' mission is to discover them and share them as widely as possible to deploy their full potential. Just a few days after completing their journey, Caroline tells us about this extraordinary adventure and project. During an exclusive exchange, she introduces us to the fascinating world of low-tech and inspires us to explore it in our turn. 

Replay also available in French - German

Greenhouse gases: tackling the issue

Each year, new extremes are crossed and climatic events that were previously exceptional are becoming the norm, even in our regions.Now, more than ever, it is time for action. You will hear from speakers from several sectors of society that there are many solutions to contain the increase in global temperatures to max 1.5°C. 


Replay also available in French - German

1 ocean, the great testimony

Alexis Rosenfeld's world is the ocean. His passion for diving allowed him to embark alongside Captain Cousteau during his last expedition to Madagascar and witness the discovery of ancient remains off the Mediterranean coast or to experience the moment when the wreck of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's plane was found. He is a photographer of the sea and his fight today is an environmental one by showing the fragility of these ecosystems.

Replay also available in French - German



& relive the day behind the scenes


Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2021 le 13 octobre



Irene Garcia,
Mayor's Office Advisor
City of Curidabat




Marco Lambertini, 
Director General
WWF International




Anne Larigauderie,
Executive Secretary




Hans Otto-Pörtner,
Co-Chair, Working group II




Caroline Pultz,
Explorer Low Tech
Low Tech Lab




Maxime Riché,
Climate Heroes




Marie-Monique Robin,
Investigative journalist,
director and writer




Alexis Rosenfeld, 
Professional diver,
photographer and photojournalist




James Smith,
Natural Climate Solutions



The Luxembourg Sustainability Forum is : 

  • Respecting the climate-neutral commitment
  • Remove all single-use plastics.
  • Minimize waste production and sort it out
  • Favouring dematerialized channels to communicate 
  • Choose local suppliers who are open to dialogue and who are looking for innovative and sustainable solutions. 
  • Work to the maximum to allow for diversity within our panels. 
  • Work to improve accessibility by providing three language translations.


Our suppliers

It is with the help and commitment of these two service providers, who have been working with us for several years that we can realize this dematerialized Forum in multilingual live streaming:

Yolande Coop: As a thank you to our sponsors, we offered them seed packets of wild flowers and grasses. They are for pollinators and aim to preserve biodiversity in Luxembourg. (The bags were printed on recycled paper, without glue or stickers, the bagging and closing was done by employees of the Yolande Coop sheltered workshops and the wildflower and grass seeds are produced in Luxembourg)

Apex: a company specialized in the technical realization of corporate events, conferences, events, parties or trade shows (sound, video broadcasting, lighting, etc.).

Free Lens: FreeLens is a production company specialized in corporate and TV audiovisual services such as video production, Livestream and TV broadcasting.

LuxVisual: professionals in large format digital printing, Lux Visual has worked with IMS to find the most adapted and sustainable solutions: design of reusable media or recyclable materials including beelite reboard and solvent-free inks.

Njörd: a committed caterer and restaurateur, Njörd was able to listen to our needs and proposed vegetarian meal trays with local and organic products.


Our partners

MyClimate: IMS strives to limit its carbon footprint as much as possible. After several years of collaboration, IMS Luxembourg and MyClimate signed a partnership agreement in January 2017 allowing us to offset the carbon footprint of all our activities through the Mobisol Smart Solar Homes project, which installs high-tech solar-powered home systems based on new technologies.

Oekozenter: To combine a quality approach with the desire to reduce the environmental impact of this event, IMS Luxembourg called upon the Oekozenter to benefit from its advice and recommendations, based on work carried out in the framework of the MICE Cluster and supported by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. 

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