In 2022...


The eleventh edition of the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum will take place on 6 October 2022. 


More information very soon...


They already support us :

Would you like to associate your company with the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2022? Contact nadia.azarfane@imslux.lu

The Luxembourg Sustainability Forum is : 

  • Respecting the climate-neutral commitment
  • Remove all single-use plastics.
  • Minimize waste production and sort it out
  • Favouring dematerialized channels to communicate 
  • Choose local suppliers who are open to dialogue and who are looking for innovative and sustainable solutions. 
  • Work to the maximum to allow for diversity within our panels. 
  • Work to improve accessibility by providing three language translations.




Our partners

MyClimate: IMS strives to limit its carbon footprint as much as possible. After several years of collaboration, IMS Luxembourg and MyClimate signed a partnership agreement in January 2017 allowing us to offset the carbon footprint of all our activities through the Mobisol Smart Solar Homes project, which installs high-tech solar-powered home systems based on new technologies.

Oekozenter: To combine a quality approach with the desire to reduce the environmental impact of this event, IMS Luxembourg called upon the Oekozenter to benefit from its advice and recommendations, based on work carried out in the framework of the MICE Cluster and supported by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. 

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