IMS Luxembourg is the Luxembourgish relay point for Santé Mentale Travail, an international and francophone research center on mental health and work. Their mission is to help people with mental disorders find fulfilling professional lives by working collaboratively with field actors. They focus on three areas:

•    Innovative interventions: develop and evaluate innovative interventions to facilitate return to work, taking into account work organisation, insurance system, medical system, and the employee in question.
•    Measurement tools: develop and use questionnaires for health and safety professionals at work, such as ORTESES and WANSS.
•    Disclosure of mental disorders and destigmatisation: evaluate the reasons and decision-making related to the disclosure of mental disorders in the workplace, as well as the impact of such disclosure.

IMS Luxembourg is proud to be the point of contact for Santé Mentale Travail in Luxembourg and to contribute to helping people with mental disorders find fulfilling professional lives.