Innovative solutions and ideas to combat food waste

In a world where millions of tonnes of food are wasted every year, it is becoming imperative to provide an effective response to this challenge. What are the solutions and innovative ideas for combating this scourge? 

Food waste represents a net financial loss that is compounded by a negative environmental impact. There are plenty of solutions to reduce food waste in your canteen and at your catering events. It's even possible to achieve a win-win situation: for the planet but also for your wallet.  

This workshop will explain the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions for reducing waste. Secondly, you will discover the catering of the future, which enables products to be created from waste flows.   

You will have the opportunity to taste some examples of products from this new generation of innovative foodstuffs. 

On the agenda:

  • Presentation of solutions and ideas for reducing food waste by Rob Renaerts 
  • Presentation of the catering of the future  
  • Tasting of products derived from food waste 

With Rob Renaerts, founder and director of CODUCO, a consultancy specialising in sustainable consumption. 


When? Friday 1 December from 9.00am to 12.00pm - followed by lunch from 12.00pm to 1.00pm. 
Where? To be confirmed. 
For who? All IMS members. 

Event in French    

For any questions about this event, please contact louise.cossy@imslux.lu


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