Target Zero Carbon: acting accordingly with what climate science tells us


Science-Based Targets & Climate Action Luxembourg Task Force 

The latest IPCC reports are alarming and insist on the need for a drastic and rapid reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a human scale. IMS wants to encourage its member organizations to reduce their GHG emissions in order to limit global warming to a maximum of 2° and ideally 1.5°. 

To do this, we have launched a Task Force based on the methods of the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), an international initiative that certifies that companies' reduction targets are in line with what climate science recommends. The Task Force's goal is to go beyond carbon offsetting and focus on our members' activities and their impact. 

Drawing on collective intelligence, the experience of companies already committed to reducing their emissions and the support of experts, the Task Force aims to bring out ambitious reduction trajectories and concrete solutions among its participants. 

To demonstrate their climate ambition, IMS encourages participants to have their targets validated by the SBTi. IMS also expects that the climate action of the 40+ participating organizations will inspire other organizations to set a new standard in the Grand Duchy and beyond. 


The Task Force met several times to discuss these issues;


Introduction to SBTi 

The first workshop allowed the participating organizations to take stock of their respective progress in terms of GHG reduction and to share their desires and expectations from the Task Force.

making the Business Case 
The climate mural
SBTi in-depth and alternatives
Carbon footprint
Setting targets1 
Scope 3 GHG emissions
Mobilising employees and management










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