The IMS club dedicated to professions linked to sustainable development returns in 2024 with something new. In order to best meet the needs of its members, we will have two separate programmes as part of the Sustainability Manager Club:

1. A “Fundamentals” Sustainability Manager Club

This Club is aimed at people, whatever their role within their organisation, who seek to know and understand the notions, principles and challenges linked to Corporate Social Responsibility. We will have 6 sessions (3 for the French cycle, 3 for the English cycle) where we will cover the following topics (registration links coming soon):



2. Sustainability Manager Club dedicated to CSRD: the CSRD capacity building program

This Club will be new in 2024, the objective will be to help IMS members decipher their obligations vis-à-vis this new directive on corporate sustainability reporting. People working in the CSR/Sustainability strategy functions, as well as the Finance/Reporting function are particularly concerned by these sessions and encouraged to participate in pairs, where possible. The content of the sessions will be delivered in collaboration with experts on the subject and will be working sessions to enable concrete application in your companies:



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Panorama 2022 of sustainable development in companies in Luxembourg

The Chamber of Commerce, IMS and INDR present the first panorama of sustainable development in Luxembourg. This survey establishes the state of play of the implementation of sustainable measures within companies.


Overview of reference frameworks, standards, certifications and non-financial reporting tools
This guide aims to support our members in thinking, strategising, implementing and reporting on their and reporting on their responsibility and sustainability efforts.
Protected file, do not hesitate to ask us for access info@imslux.lu





The role of SSE in the face of major societal challenges








​Le pouls des entreprises : engagement et contribution au développement durable
First survey measuring the contribution of Luxembourg companies to the Sustainable Development Goals
IMS, with LISER, TNS Ilres and the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy, conducted the survey among its members to assess their level of commitment in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and more specifically their potential contribution to the Luxembourg Agenda 2030.


"The link between corporate governance and corporate social responsibility: The role of the Board of Directors"
Publication available to IMS members and non-profit organisations on request: info@imslux.lu





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