In may, "Diversity: Embrace it, Share it, Celebrate it!"

Published on 21 April 2022


Diversity brings the richness that each individual brings to the workplace and promises a competitive advantage to organisations that embrace this opportunity. Numerous studies have quantified and measured the benefits of Diversity; the 2019 study "The Case for Change " stresses the importance of developing an inclusive, respectful culture that allows for the plurality of thinking that employees bring. 

I am Priscilia, Project Manager for the Diversity Charter, and with Gabriela, Alexia and Marine, we will guide you through May dedicated to Diversity!  



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Sustainability Mag

  • Discrimination on Nationality: The Luxembourg Paradox
    If there is one country in Europe that stands out for its multiculturalism, it is Luxembourg! But a recent study has thrown up some confusion: almost one out of every two discriminations observed in the country concerns the nationality. So what is this Luxembourg paradox?
  • Interview with Ryadh Salem
    A humanist serial entrepreneur who invites us to refuse any kind of fatalism and has only one idea in mind: promoting fraternity and living together in peace. 



  • Checklist Handicap, soon available in English
    Quickly evaluate your practices related to the inclusiveness of people with disabilities!
  • And all other publications related to the diversity theme on www.chartediversite.lu

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