Climate and biodiversity: shaping up new ways for converging solutions

Published on 20 September 2021

Long treated in silos, climate change and the collapse of life are intrinsically linked phenomena. Now, what if this vicious circle could be transformed into a virtuous one? Taking advantage of the multiple and complex connections among the elements of nature, numerous entrepreneurs, scientists, business leaders, farmers, and individuals are already deploying solutions around them. Together, sometimes without even realising it, they are providing joint responses to the current climate and ecosystem crisis. Time for the spotlight to shine! 
Nature-based solutions, regenerative methods, science-based targets... We welcome Irene Garcia to tell us about an innovative urban project that makes it possible to welcome biodiversity in the city. James Smith to understand the concepts behind these solutions and how they challenge the vision of business as usual for a nature-positive future. And Maxime Riché to share with us the initiatives he has discovered around the world to marvel at the potential and the will of human beings to act, he will also present the Climate Heroes exhibition. 

On this occasion, discover it in several locations in Luxembourg City: at the Cloche d'Or shopping centre from 1 October and at Bierger Center from 11 October.



See you next week for the rest of the programme!



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