Discover the fascinating world of low-tech: a conversation with Caroline Pultz

Published on 13 September 2021

Low Tech adventure story
A conversation with Caroline Pultz

What if your job was to sail the seas and oceans, searching for ways to create a more sustainable and inclusive world? Embark with Caroline Pultz, a crew member of the "Nomade des Mers".

Since 2016, this unique sailing laboratory has been exploring low-tech innovations. Defined as useful, accessible, and sustainable, these solutions can be found in all four corners of the planet. They provide clean and responsible answers to economic, social, and environmental challenges around the globe. Nomade des Mers' mission is to discover them and share them as widely as possible to deploy their full potential. Just a few days after completing their journey, Caroline tells us about this extraordinary adventure and project. During an exclusive exchange, she introduces us to the fascinating world of low-tech and inspires us to explore it in our turn. 
For a sneak preview, check out the Nomade des Mers movie available on Youtube


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