Mediation SA's motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

For a couple of years now, we have been working in favour of corporate social responsibility, alongside our clients. We joined IMS Luxembourg because it seemed interesting to be able to exchange ideas and experiences with other actors, who showed the same commitment. We thus hope to make CSR, as well as our own corporation, evolve.


Mediation SA's CSR policy:

CSR is founded on the respect towards one's self, towards others, but also towards one’s environment. CSR is an every-day element and, as such, everyone’s responsibility.


Mediation SA's CSR actions and frameworks:

At our collaborators level, we have implemented a scale of competences permitting us to evaluate personal needs of individuals.

We regularly offer spaces of dialogue and we offer great attention to the work-family balance giving our employees the chance to telework and have flexible working hours.

At the environmental level, we have implemented certain procedures for energy saving, but also regarding recycling wastes.

Lastly, we are strongly engaged in training and welcoming interns throughout the entire year, taking diversity into consideration, and with the participation in Girls’ Boys’ Day et au Job Shadow Day, and the mentoring of a young student. We have also hosted an exhibition on pioneer women in entrepreneurship in Luxembourg.


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