elisabeth’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

There are three main reasons for the elisabeth group to become an IMS member:

  • Adhering to a platform where we exchange experiences and expertise in regards to CSR that is given through the examples of best practice;
  • Finding partnerships interested in the solicitation of competencies to initiate and carry out projects together;
  • Encouraging all forms of awareness and promotion of corporate social responsibility.


elisabeth’s CSR policy:

Whilst being one of the principal national actors in the social domain, CSR is an integrated part of our company. elisabeth, am sozialen déngscht zu lëtzebuerg, regroups 40 operational institutions in four different domains: the one on childhood and adolescence, one on school, one on the elderlies, and one on mental handicap. Responsibility and esteem guide the daily work of our 1500 collaborators who take care of our 3700 users.


elisabeth’s CSR actions and frameworks:

  • elisabeth is engaged to be concerned and responsible of the environment (Superdreckskëscht label, energy saving, Mobilitéitspass)
  • elisabeth is engaged to handle their donations in all transparency (secure donation member)
  • elisabeth is engaged to pursue a quality policy (EFQM, E-Qalin, ISO) through the management of risks (hygiene and security), of complaints, and of enquiries (TNS Ilres)
  • elisabeth is engaged to respect the values shared by their company’s philosophy (Leitbild)
  • elisabeth is engaged to lead an integration policy with its collaborators (the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg’s signatories)


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