NTT Luxembourg PSF’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

IMS was recommended to us by one of the directors in the Bourmicht zone.


NTT Luxembourg PSF’s CSR policy:

Dimension Data Luxembourg PSF S.A. is part of an international group, present in 51 countries in 5 continents, and is concerned by its environmental impact. Dimension Data in Luxembourg, represents 200 employees from 14 different nationalities, and an estimated turnover of 70 million euros in 2015.

Our society is specialised in IT (Network, Security, Stocking, Telephony). The IT market is a big electricity consumer. While we are not material manufacturers, we offer solutions capable to reduce the ecological impact of the IT environment of our clients, through integration, virtualisation, videoconferences,… These are solutions that we have previously tested and applied in our internal environments.

Climate change is a preoccupying topic important for society. Our employees are integrated in our environmental actions, we engage them, empower them, and offer them ways to reduce their ecological impact.


NTT Luxembourg PSF’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Integration, Virtualisation, Videoconference, Cloud

Briefly, here are a few actions that we have put in place: use of recycled paper, no plastic cups for the water fountains and coffee machines, printers are difficult to access, printers are set to print double-sided and black and white documents, and our electricity is 100% green.

We urge our employees, by providing them with tools to educate and empower them: e-learning DDU permitting each employee to understand our eco-responsible engagement and how they can contribute to it, access via the Internet to a personal calculator of carbon footprint, with advice on how to reduce the latter, incitation to take the stairs rather than the lift with posters in front of all lift doors, and Earth hour, where for an hour, no electricity is used. As a society, we have a duty, an obligation! We are shaping the environment in which the children and great-children of our employees will live.

The sustainability of our initiatives goes through education. A sustainable action is when we teach someone how to fish a fish that they need, rather than just giving them to fish to eat. The investment is the same, but the result is profoundly different!


Our Car Policy makes us reflect permanently to reduce our CO2 emissions. In partnership with ALD and MyClimate, we have thus discontinued the possibility to purchase fuel cars, now, only diesel, LPG, hybrid and electric cars are authorised, cars emitting more than 160g of CO2 per km are prohibited, we have improved authorised leasing for cars under 100g of CO2 emission per km, and compensated, on the integrity of our vehicle fleet, all emissions over 100g.

Each employee, if they desire, can compensate more via personal participation. Why only 100g, is the story of the fish. It has been four years since we have started with our electronic cars. Today, electronic cars such as: Nissan Leaf, Citroen C0, Tesla represent 5% of our automobile park. We encourage people to carpool, and we reimburse the fees if public transport is used.

Since a number of years, we have also implemented certain projects to support non-profit organisations that come and help people in difficulties, and that, with the help of our employees:

  • A sports coach is employed each year to train all employees who wish to participate in the ING Marathon. We pay all fees and display to logo of the non-profit organisation that we support on the t-shirts of participants. Moreover, we donate per ran km. We have thus supported the ELA and Kriibskrank Kanner.
  • A clothes and toys collection was organised in 2014 in favour of the non-profit organisation Jongenheem. Furthermore, Dimension Data has paid for every kg of clothes collected.
  • We have donated to a non-profit organisation who then constructed a well in Africa.
  • We have financed a part of the fees and accompanied children from the Oceania foyer to Disneyland Paris for a day.
  • We are constantly on the lookout for new projects.

To show how much a worldwide group of more than 25,000 employees implicates itself, each employee has the right to 8 hours of their working time,every year, dedicated to humanitarian, charitable, and environmental actions.