Restopolis' motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

As a government agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, Restopolis wants to become a benchmark in Luxembourg and serve as an example of good practice for other canteens in terms of sustainable development, which is all the more critical given that the vast majority of Restopolis' customers are of a reasonably young age. We also want to develop excellence in the transition to sustainable food systems and exchange ideas with other players in this field to inspire us and pass on our messages to them so that we can evolve with them. It is also essential for us to be able to take part in ongoing training on these subjects for the reasons given above.


Restopolis' Sustainable Development Policy: 

As part of its catering operations for public secondary schools, international schools and the university in Luxembourg, Restopolis touches on many issues relating to sustainable development and places particular emphasis on the following elements:
- Sustainable purchasing (organic products, short circuits, collaboration with small producers, vegetarian and vegan dishes)
- Combating food waste
- Combating waste
- Raising awareness of sustainable development among diners

Our main aim is to ensure an effective transition to sustainable food systems.


Restopolis' Sustainable Development actions and frameworks: 

Restopolis has implemented the Food4Future concept with the following RestoGoals:
RestoGoal #1: Implementation of the PAN-BIO2025 action plan
RestoGoal #2: New meal offer (promotion of vegetarian and vegan dishes)
RestoGoal #3: Short-distance purchasing
RestoGoal #4: Waste prevention
RestoGoal #5: Fighting food waste
RestoGoal #6: Raising awareness of sustainable eating

In September 2023, Restopolis also launched the pilot project for the innovative Supply4Future national digital procurement platform, which aims to purchase sustainable food products (organic-local products, short circuits, animal welfare) for school and university canteens.