Luxexpo The Box’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

This decision is part of our new strategic plan - horizon 2025; we have decided to change our mission and, therefore, our statutes to include the CSR aspect, at the highest level, i.e. at the governance level.

Our business is divided into three distinct areas: we are an event organiser, service provider/event designer and infrastructure manager; we believe we have a significant role to play in terms of respect for the environment and inclusion. We want to initiate attitudinal changes in the way we do business.

In general, we wish to join the IMS network for the following reasons
- to benefit from the expertise and support of IMS in our CSR projects and to guide us in the implementation and management of this policy and action plan - to develop our knowledge of inclusion and sustainability
- to be able to participate in the events organised by IMS (training, conferences, workshops, and taking part in working groups)
- benefit from the solutions offered by IMS (best practices, publications, toolbox)
- to be a member of a community/network that shares common values with us and to be able to exchange easily on CSR issues


Luxexpo The Box’s CSR policy:

Events and meetings must have meaning, create emotions, tell a story and contribute to prosperity in a sustainable and verifiable way. Our goal is to make events that accelerate the transformation of society and contribute to the common good. We also want to raise awareness of the issues in our sector and create a real positive impact on individuals, communities and the environment.



Luxexpo The Box’s CSR actions and frameworks:

- marketing & communication: drastically reduce printing / promote digital communication
- decoration & furniture: use of sustainable and reusable decoration and furniture for our fairs and raising our clients' awareness on this subject, purchase of second-hand furniture and rental from local service providers, local & ecological paints etc.
- mobility: communication on the options for getting to the event by public transport
- food: as far as possible, give preference to seasonal, local and organic products - no plastic or straws. In 2016, Luxexpo was the first signatory of the anti-food waste charter signed in front of the press at its launch by the Ministry of Agriculture. We also work with Sodexo, which applies a particular CSR policy
- waste: optimised waste management (we have obtained the Super Dreckskëscht label)
- visibility offered to non-profit organisations via exhibition space, participation in our programme as speakers.
- the creation of new economic models to contribute to the economic recovery of the country's businesses: stands offered to merchants & financed by the City of Luxembourg & the Chamber of Commerce, advertising offered to non-profit organisations in our magazine Nexterday, editorial articles highlighting young entrepreneurs in the country, etc