LIST’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Since the arrival of Thomas Kallstenius as CEO of LIST in 2019, sustainable development, in particular environmental sustainability, has been integrated into LIST's mission statement.

We are currently assessing the environmental impacts of LIST's operations in terms of an organisational carbo footprint to then set sustainability objectives and develop a dedicated action plan. Our main motivation and interests to join IMS are to learn from IMS and its members regarding their experience in corporate sustainability management and to exchange on and co-develop best practices for corporate sustainability management.


LIST’s CSR policy:

As mentioned above, LIST is currently in the process of developing its environmental policy including objectives for its organizational impacts. LIST will then derive an action and implementation plan. 

In terms of Health & Safety and CSR management, LIST is concentrating its current efforts on a zero accident policy and has started to look into developing a diversity policy. The framework of being a “Great Place to Work” is considered by LIST Human Resources Management. 


LIST’s CSR actions and frameworks:

This year LIST focusses on improving the environmental sustainability of its operations based on the quantifications of the relative contributions of operations. 

A CSR framework has to be developed. 



The Environmental Research and Innovation Department (ERIN) supports Luxembourg companies to comply with environmental legislation through the following initiatives: