ERGO Life’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Overall background: 

  • ERGO Life S.A. is a Luxembourg subsidiary of ERGO Group AG, Düsseldorf, which in turn belongs to Munich Re, one of the world's leading reinsurance companies. As a Luxembourg subsidiary or grandchild of ERGO and Munich Re, we are integrated into the Group-wide corporate responsibility strategy and the Munich Re Group Code of Conduct documenting this strategy.
  • As a "guest" in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, it is always important for us to support local activities. In 2017, for example, after a two-year project, we were the first insurance company in Luxembourg to receive the Action P Award from the Ministère de l’Égalité des chances. Prior to this, for example, we were involved in charity projects for the maternity ward of Maternité Grande-Duchesse Charlotte or the arcus Kanner children's home, Jugend a Famill a.s.b.l. 

Concrete background:

  • To ensure that sustainability is achieved as part of our responsibility, we take ESG aspects into account in our day-to-day operations. In order to be in line with the corporate responsibility strategy, we continue to strive for sustainability as a company and successively implement ESG measures. 
  • Within the framework of these strategic measures, we are again seeking local points of action in addition to global initiatives. During our research, we became aware of the IMS or the Zero Single-Use Plastic campaign and would like to send a corresponding signal both internally and externally by signing the manifesto.


ERGO Life’s CSR policy:

The policy of ERGO Life S.A. is embedded in the strategy of its parent company, the ERGO Group. This can be viewed in English at https://www.ergo.com/en/Verantwortung/Strategie.


ERGO Life’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Already implemented or under implementation:

  • Action Positive
  • CO2 neutrality: business operations are set to be climate-neutral through the group
  • Green electricity: ERGO Life has been purchasing exclusively green electricity since 2011
  • Governance system: integration into the Group's corporate responsibility strategy
  • Sustainable cover pool: ERGO Life's conventional own funds already achieve an above average rating in the MSCI Sustainability Rating
  • Conversion of the company car fleet to electric/hybrid technology (ongoing, in each case at the end of the leasing contract by 2022 at the latest)
  • Participation in the solidarity action Covid-19 initiated by the ACA(https://www.aca.lu/media/5ea1ade810397_cp_aca_covid19_oblig_etat_20200423.pdf)
  • Keyword Zero Single-Use Plastic: 
    • Abolition of rubbish bags at the workplaces
    • Environmentally friendly supply of beverages and baked goods (no micro-packaging)

In planning/examination for 2020 ff.:

  • Multiple ESG-related actions on company level
  • Keyword: Zero Single-Use Plastic
    • Drawing and implementation of the manifesto (accession of IMS)
    • Review and, if necessary, change of service providers and suppliers 
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