CFL’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Having the opportunity to share best practices applied by CFL, but also being inspired by all those put in place by the other IMS members, is a real chance.

When considering Sustainable Development, the big as well as the small steps have their importance. It is this snowball effect, encouraged by IMS on many subjects, which is inspiring.

Last but not least, IMS is also one of the platforms helping us to cultivate dialogue with some of our stakeholders (clients, companies, NGOs,…) and to get involved in concrete initiatives.


CFL’s CSR policy:

In its role of backbone of the public transport in Luxembourg, but also in its role of central hub for rail freight transport in Europe, CFL carries an important Social Responsibility. Its activities, its investments and its strategy, have de facto a major social, environmental and economic impact for clients and more generally for the social and economic life in Luxembourg.

It is therefore by placing the client in the heart of the company strategy, which encloses the strategic pillars of Quality, Security, Innovation, Know-How and Performance, that CFL move forward on CSR subjects identified as priorities and that CFL are committed to be an actor of change in sustainable mobility and development.

Its desire is also to systematically integrate economic, social and environmental issues into its operational and strategic analysis and decision-making stages. In this sense, CFL also consider CSR as a major driver of innovation.

With its CSR approach, CFL also contribute to promoting values of Cooperation, Openness, Respect, Excellence and Exemplarity, « CORE² », which CFL carry on.


CFL’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Some of actions are directly related to strategy and its desire to offer the best service and safety to customers, such as for example the modernization of infrastructures, the improvement of passenger information systems, the implementation of digital tools, safety awareness campaigns or the development of Flex car sharing.

Other actions cover areas such as the development, health and well-being of its employees, waste, energy or resource consumption, responsible purchasing and many others.

Finally, CFL consider that any CSR action, even a symbolic one, can often change things, set in motion a dynamic and give meaning to its commitment and that of stakeholders.


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