Ansamble’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Ansamble want to explore new solutions and test sustainable alternatives, feedback from members of the association on actions. Be in step with the new European directives related to its activities


Ansamble’s CSR policy:

POSITIVE FOOD PRINT PLAN: Leave a positive impression from the field to the fork, in relation with its suppliers, customers, guests and employees.

A strategy in 4 pillars:

  • Healthy Choices: Helping guests to stay healthy with healthy eating.
  • Sustainable ingredients: Optimize supplies.
  • A circular economy: Fight against waste through innovation and partnerships.
  • Dynamic teams and communities: Create and promote jobs for all employees


Ansamble’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Because we believe that our food reflects the values we believe in, ANSAMBLE develops every day an innovative and homemade cuisine, respecting our commitments to sustainable development, thus accompanying our guests in the evolution of their consumption patterns.

From field to plate, Ansamble is committed to :

  • Environmental: A food offer that limits our ecological impact
  • Social: Recreating links between the various players in the food chain
  • Societal: Participating in the dynamics of the terroir.
  • Nutrition & Health: Offering food that promotes better health.

Anchored in the region in which we operate daily, we strive to promote the economy of the living areas by fostering local and regional production, respecting biodiversity and seasonality, with a long-term vision for our partnerships.
Because, for us, the future is them!