Bonn Steichen & Partners’ motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

People at Bonn Steichen and Partners have always been attentive to various themes revolving around community involvement, environmental impact and sustainable development. We really want, step by step, to introduce changes into our daily life in order to make tangible our caring for people and for the environment. We strongly believe that being part of a network which can provide different expertise in this field can drive us towards a strong positioning on such themes. Moreover, being in contact with realities which have already implemented concrete solutions will allow us to simplify the process towards a more structured and comprehensive responsible approach. 

Me. Alain Steichen is the partner promoting this project. He is working together with Victor Le Pape, associate in the tax department. In particular, we would like to invest more time, as a first step, into the initiative “Zero single-use plastic” with the idea to completely eliminate water plastic bottle from our working environment.


Bonn Steichen & Partners’ CSR policy:

At the moment Bonn Steichen & Partners has no Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Nevertheless, our partners would be more than happy to concretely implement this  kind of policy within the firm and we strongly believe that the possibility to exchange and share best practices with other companies which have already in place a CSR policy will definitely help us in the implementation of a realistic and concrete policy.


Bonn Steichen & Partners’ CSR actions and frameworks:

There are a number of fields in which, without a structured or determined approach, we are working on Corporate Social responsibility since the foundation of the firm. Those areas include Diversity & Inclusion, Recycling, Volunteering, Donations.