Reka’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

For years, REKA has been integrating social and environmental concerns in their activity. We wish to further engage and associate CSR actors of the Luxembourgish market to interact and promote this new sustainable policy together, and in a better way.


Reka’s CSR policy:

We attach great importance to our environment.

REKA is conformed to the ISO 12647-1 norm after the implementation of a PSO (a process aiming to guarantee the quality of production of printed documents).

Our FSC, PEFC, 100% Myclimate, Superdreckskescht, Printed in Luxembourg and Made in Luxembourg certifications valorise our local know-how.

Using FSC and recycled paper is also a priority.

The REKA printing shop is closely engaged with their employees and clients.

REKA is also invested in the continuous training of its team. We accompany our new employees, just as much as our expert collaborators in order to reinforce their competencies and gain independence.

We are also sponsors of the FLA (Luxembourg Athletics Federation –fédération luxembourgeoise d’athlétisme), for Differdange Hand-Ball.


Reka’s CSR actions and frameworks:

REKA is celebrating their 80th birthday and has 49 collaborators. Faithful to its company’s family tradition and to its innovative spirit, the printing shop is constantly progressing, just as much on the human side than on the material one. Moreover, we have hired 7 new employees in 2015.

Since July 2015, REKA has been reorganising in order to improve their performance and well being at work. At REKA, their collaborators are loyal and engaged to the company. We aim to keep these talents.

Always targeting improvement, we continue to aspire towards change. Our 2016 objectives are to enhance the conditions and relations at work.


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