As coordinator of the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter, IMS Luxembourg is carrying out the project « (Handi)Cap' Emploi », which aims to promote the access of people with disabilities into the traditional job market.

Starting from the fact that companies in Luxembourg often lack information on the inclusion of people with disabilities, but that many companies that have signed the Diversity Charter have shown an interest to recruit such profiles, IMS Luxembourg proposes to companies to address this issue through this project.

Initially between 2015 and 2017, IMS organized three training sessions and three "Job Cafes". The project also enabled the publication of a practical guide that aims to raise awareness and propose concrete solutions around the theme of disability in business and a complete communication kit to educate all employees of an organization. More information in the tab "The project between 2015 and 2017"


The project continues in 2018 and 2019 with the creation of an inter-company working group. Participants will have the opportunity to stimulate a reflection in order to have a vision of disability in business. Various themes will be addressed during thematic workshops to get to the bottom of the theme and identify the challenges on the one hand and find possible solutions on the other. This approach allows a rise in skills of the participating companies by giving them the opportunity to appropriate the subject.

22 January 22 from 9am to noon
Workshop 3 : february 14 from 2pm to 5pm
Workshop 4 : march 7 from 2pm to 5pm
Workshop 5 : march 28 14 from 9am to noon
Workshop 6 : april 6 from 9am to noon
Workshop 7 : september 2019
Workshop 8 : october 2019




In collaboration with the ADEM, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social and Solidary Economy, the Ministry of Family and Integration and through stakeholder consultation, the project aims to:

- Inform Luxembourg employers and disseminate good practices on the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market through the creation of a practical guide.

The (Handi)Cap' Emploi practical guide aims at raising awareness and putting forward concrete solutions around the topic of disabilities in the workplace. The guide, addressing employers, gives a quick overview on the different types of disabilities and the legal framework in Luxembourg, in order to subsequently reflect on the problematics but even more so the solutions that can facilitate the integration of persons with a disability within your organisation.


- 3 “Job-Cafes” was organized to enable job-seeking people with disabilities to get in touch with companies which have jobs to fill and are wanting to employ people with disabilities.

- These “Job-Cafes” where preceded by workshops for the candidates with disabilities as well as the employers. The workshops aim at preparing both sides for the “Job-Café”. On the one hand they will aim at raising the employers’ awareness and empower them to enable a positive inclusion of people with disabilities. On the other hand they will prepare candidates with disabilities for the concept of “Job-Cafe” and the business world.

Evaluating and following-up on the “Job-Cafe”.

The project, which benefits from a European Social Fund co-funding, aims at raising awareness on disabilities at a national level in order to contribute to the current and future modernization of the company organization and the civil society in general.

Key figures
3 editions
19 participating companies
37 recruiter
75 candidates in disabled situation
for an hiring rate of 30%