In the digital age and with the health crisis as an accelerator, the issue of digitalisation is crucial for companies in order not to miss any opportunities, to adapt to hybrid working or simply to stay on top of new developments. Whatever the reason, it is important that companies approach this digital shift with confidence.

A local initiative

Born in 2020 from a collaboration between the Media and Communications Service of the Ministry of State, Digital Luxembourg, Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Lëtzebuerg and IMS Luxembourg, the Digital Skills Matchmaking is the event that makes your partnership projects come true. It highlights those innovative initiatives surrounding the digital theme while creating a link between the project leaders, the member companies of the IMS Luxembourg network and the member companies of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

An opportunity for win-win (digital) partnerships

Subjected to digital transformation and the evolution of certain professions, companies must adapt to change. With Digital Skills Matchmaking, we offer our member companies the opportunity supporting local initiatives to concretely implement their CSR policy, to mobilise their employees and to engage in positive impact projects.

For digital project leaders, the Digital Skills Matchmaking provides unprecedented visibility to companies in the IMS Luxembourg network, an opportunity to raise awareness of their activities and and determined assistance in the partnership set up.

In this context, the Digital Skills Matchmaking has a role to play in raising awareness of the importance of developing digital skills, a key factor for a positive and inclusive transformation. It also facilitates meetings and collaboration between companies and digital players. 






Discover the booklet of the 2021 edition.

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Why participate in Digital Skills Matchmaking?

Participating in the Digital Skills Matchmaking is an opportunity for Luxembourg's digital actors and companies to meet and build win-win partnerships. Supporting local initiatives allows companies to concretely implement their CSR policy, to mobilise their employees and to engage in positive impact projects.

For digital actors, it allows them to benefit from resources made available by companies: sponsorship of skills, donation/lending of equipment or premises, etc

When and where does Digital Skills Matchmaking take place?

The event will take place on Thursday 30 June 2022, from 12:00 to 14:00, at LuxExpo The Box (10, circuit de la Foire Internationale 1347 Luxembourg) during the ICT Spring.


How does Digital Skills Matchmaking work? 

After an introduction, the participants will be able to exchange ideas in a convivial setting with food and drink. Every 7 minutes, you will have to change interlocutors in order to meet as many people as possible and thus, why not, establish several partnerships. 

What types of partnerships are possible?

Five types of partnerships are possible: 
- Skills exchange or coaching
- Hosting of trainees
- Donation and loan of IT equipment
- Donation and loan of space for meetings, hosting of events... 
- Financial support

The type of partnership is to be discussed between the two parties according to the needs and possibilities of each

Is it mandatory to enter into a partnership?

No. In any case, Digital Skills Matchmaking is an opportunity to meet and build relationships with participants. 


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