At the global level, the loss of ecosystem services due to human-induced land cover change is estimated at between USD 4,000 and 20,000 billion per year over the period 1997-2011 (source: OECD)!

Often unknown or unsuspected, the economic value of biodiversity in Luxembourg for companies and municipalities is a subject that IMS would like to put on the business agenda. 2020 is a landmark year for post-2020 global biodiversity policy. It is clear that businesses in all sectors will therefore have to adapt their strategies. In addition, the communes of the South of Luxembourg, supported by Prosud, have applied to UNESCO Man & Biosphere for the recognition of the Minett area as a biosphere reserve, and IMS is part of the Luxembourg MAB committee for the implementation of the project. The context is therefore very favourable to raise awareness of the subject among companies and organizations.



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