Whether with green walls in open spaces, garden squares in the entrance hall or a greenhouse on the roof, nature is increasingly establishing itself in the workplace as a source of human well-being and a way of rethinking the built environment.


An offshoot of the "National Urban Farming Strategy" unveiled in 2019 by the Luxembourg government and in which IMS collaborated, corporate gardens are a priority for IMS, which published a specific practical guide for companies in October 2019: "Corporate gardens - when companies reconnect with nature".


The Launch Event of the IMS Corporate Gardens Guide on 26.11.2019 (upon request for IMS members) is a preliminary step in the practical implementation and promotion of corporate gardens. The year 2020 will be a key year to enter an operational phase with the development of pilot projects. We have received several requests from companies located in different AZs with the willingness to set up company gardens.

For an effective implementation of the "Corporate Gardens" guide, IMS organised a first series of 2 technical webinars in spring 2020 in collaboration with experts in plant walls and collaborative vegetable gardens in order to promote their implementation and the many associated benefits. With participants from the public and private sectors, and very positive feedback showing a strong willingness to take action, Corporate Gardens are in full development! 

Follow the movement and you too commit your company!


Corporate Gardens le 26 novembre 2019




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