In the context of the digitalisation of the world of work, the core objective of this project is to facilitate and adapt young people's career guidance through the existing dayCARE initiative.

This project pertains to the interplay between societal commitment and digital skills. It aims to facilitate and adapt vocational orientation of the Luxembourgish youth through the emphasis on commitment and motivation for purpose-driven careers and pathways.

In light of this, CARE (actor in the societal commitment space, particularly amongst the youth) and IMS Luxembourg are offering to combine their expertise in this field. The project builds on the success of the dayCARE initiative and develops it to tailor it to the specific needs of the jobs of tomorrow, whcih are essential for a model of sustainable development. 


Thus, young people will be invited to participate to the dayCARE with the title of "Digital Explorers". One day dedicated to discovering a specific job during which young people and employees will have to produce a 'Digital Vision' based on adapted co-creation tools.


The aim is to instigate transversal reflections between the youth and companies' employees about the future of work in the context of the impact of digitalisation.




This projects benefits from the support from the Ministry for national Education, Childhood and Youth and the Ministry for Work, Employment and the Social and Solidary Economy and the European Social Fund. 

Until 27 September 2019

  • To register for the project, visit www.daycare.lu
  • Publication and recruitment of students

Until October 14, 2019

  • Validation of matching between companies and students
  • Webex conference for mobilized employees

October 16, 2019

  • Participants will receive a postcard giving access to augmented reality documentation

Until 23 October 2019

  • Material (iPad, laptop) and preparatory work (mindmap, mission panel)

October 23, 2019 


WHAT are the professions concerned by this project?

All professions, all sectors can be the subject to a Digital Explorer internship

HOW many employees do we need to mobilize?

One employee for a maximum of 2 students.

HOW much time should employees spend on this project?

2 hours upstream :
Prepare a panel of missions (30 min)
Prepare Mindmap co-creation tool (1 hour)
Webex (30 min)

The full day of 23 October 2019, student reception date

WHAT should be made available to employees?

A tablet or laptop with webcam (with an application to scan a document in augmented reality) and an internet connection

WHICH documentation will be available for this day?

A postcard to scan in augmented reality with redirect link to the online documentation portal

Documentation to be completed online :
declaration of participation (including image rights)
co-creation tool & Digital Vision
feedback survey

Practical information file :
context and objectives of the Digital Explorer project
briefing and advice
detailed schedule of the day

HOW will the day go?

Morning: Welcome of the student, presentation of the company and presentation of the profession and its importance within the company.

Afternoon : Working in pairs on a panel of tasks & Co-creation of Digital Vision and video recording

HOW much does it cost?

Free of charge. However, a minimum donation of 80€/student hosted will be requested. This donation is to be sent to the NGO CARE and will be used to train young midwives in Niger and Laos.

WHO are the students involved?

All students of the Lycée au Luxembourg (classical & technical) aged at least 16 years on the date of the internship

HOW students are recruited?

CARE and IMS will meet the students at the beginning of the 2019 school year. Each student can apply directly online for the internship of his or her choice by writing a short motivational text. Recruitment is based on a "first come, first served" basis. We will then ensure that conditions such as languages and motivations are respected.

HOW to register?

To register and thus propose one or more internships, simply go to the following page : www.daycare.lu
Then click on: "Offer an internship", choose classic dayCARE or Digital Explorer and fill in the form.

WHAT will be delivered at the end of the day?

A common Digital Vision. They will also have to record a video in the form of a Pitch (maximum 2min) in which they will detail the different points of their Digital Vision