In 2015, IMS Luxembourg launches the first Luxembourg magazine dedicated to sustainable development and its challenges. This unique magazine is entirely produced by the organization, with the guarantee of 100% independent writing. Published twice a year you will find dedicated files (sustainable territories, digital for sustainability, sustainable food, etc.), innovative solutions from here and elsewhere, network life, exclusive interviews or unpublished articles for more than 100 pages innovation!


The issues already published
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Through meetings with tree specialists Tristan Lecomte and Frank Wolter, through Anita Dore's paintings, plunge into the heart of the forests. Take the time to also read the dossier "in accelerated mode" deciphering the instantaneity tyranny in the professional world. Discover also the pages dedicated to Social Business, travil in Iceland and find the campaigns that have made the news these lasts months...



Discover an exclusive Grand Format on the small and big steps towards a Sustainable Europe with notably the backstage of the European Investment Bank and a forum by Jan Noterdaeme. Also browse the articles about Science Based-Targets, travel to the heart of New Zealand, meet eco-artist Alejandro Durán discovered at the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2019...



After the launch of the ZERO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC Manifesto, find the Grand Format devoted to this subject: decipher the received ideas, find the testimonials of the signatory companies and learn more about the hidden side of the plastic pollution. A complete dossier is devoted to gender equality with an interview with Raphaël Liogier. Also find a topic on overindebtedness in Luxembourg, an interview with artist Mishka Henner, analyzes of the project Positive Drive Kirchberg ...


The Grand Format of this sixth edition is dedicated to the new generations with an interview with Emmanuelle Duez, a great expert on generational issues. Also find special folders on plastic, corporate gardening or the impacts of digital. The opportunity also to return to the People's Vote Projects with the winners.
Discover an extract of the article "Plastic Age, a hazardous immersion" on LinkedIn
Discover an extract of Emmanuelle Duez interview on LinkedIn



#05 Special edition 10 years of IMS Luxembourg!

Find a picture report of the past decade with our members, the key events, but also exclusive interviews of the three great speakers of the Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2017: Jean Jouzel, Lewis Pugh and Natasha Tsakos! Also review the survey carried out by IMS among its members to assess their level of commitment in the field of CSR and more specifically their potential contribution to the Luxembourg Agenda 2030. And so much more...!




Looking at the concept of the circular economy: this is the proposal of IMS in this new issue of Sustainability.
IMS also offers ways to manage disability in companies and better integrate employees with disabilities. The opportunity also to tackle the issue of environmental migration, a phenomenon that is accelerating on a global scale.

Discover an extract of the article "Un monde en mouvement" on LinkedIn
Discover an extract of the article "From disposable to sustainable" on LinkedIn




The first man to have made a world tour by solar plane is in the spotlight. Bertrand Piccard gives us his unpublished story and plunges us into the world of solar.
Focus also on sustainable and strategic partnerships, with concrete examples of pioneering companies, a look at responsible communication and a dossier that sheds light on burnout and prevention measures for this modern day disease.
Discover an extract of the article "Burn-out, brisez le tabou" on LinkedIn

Discover an extract of the article "Is your communication truly sustainable?" on LinkedIn



This new edition dedicates its Grand Format to diversity, on the occasion of Diversity Day Lëtzebuerg. Unpublished interview with Commissioner Jourová or Minister Corinne Cahen.
You will find special reports on responsible finance, CSR leadership and always the picture reports of the main events organized by IMS.





The first edition of the magazine published by IMS is dedicated to the Third Industrial Revolution, in Grand Format, and addresses topics such as "digital for sustainability", sustainable food and a special focus on sustainable innovations around the world.
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