Make Luxembourg the reference for a prosperous and sustainable society

Published on 9 June 2022

This Thursday, June 9, the General Assembly of IMS Luxembourg took place at the IFSB. 

Christian Scharff, President of IMS, and Bruno Renders, Member of the Board of Directors, opened this annual General Assembly by thanking the IMS Luxembourg team and member companies for their commitment. This moment was the opportunity to present the Governance Charter of the association and the Activity report 2021 (available in French, English version to come) and to announce changes in the composition of the association's Board of Directors.

A Governance Charter to guarantee IMS functioning and continuity

Implementing the Governance Charter, presented to the members during the General Assembly on June 9th, ensures the continuity, functioning and respect of the association's values over time, regardless of organisational and human changes. In short, the Charter guarantees that IMS Luxembourg keeps its DNA and perpetuates it for the future.

The objective of the Charter is to establish a certain number of rules of good governance applicable to the IMS Board of Directors on the one hand and to govern the relations between the Board of Directors and the people in charge of the day-to-day management of IMS on the other.
It guarantees that each member of the Board of Directors ensures compliance with and adheres to:


  • IMS vision "Make Luxembourg the reference for a prosperous and sustainable society", 
  • IMS mission "Inspire sustainable actions", 
  • IMS values, namely: 
    • Responsibility "Commit and act proactively and autonomously",
    • Leadership "Generate and encourage ambitious initiatives with audacity and benevolence",
    • Sharing "Co-create and disseminate best practices and knowledge in a constructive and unifying spirit". 

Among the criteria defined by the Governance Charter:  

  • IMS Board of Directors comprises at least three administrators appointed by the General Assembly of members among the association members. 
  • IMS Board can propose candidates for the director position to the General Assembly of members with the objective of not exceeding ten directors. The term of mandate is three years. 
  • The mandates are renewable, but to ensure renewal, the administrators in place commit themselves not to do more than three mandates.


Key figures for 2021 

An ambitious strategy has been adopted for the 2021-25 cycle to accompany and anticipate the strong growth of the organisation (increase in the number of memberships, events, and human resources). The vital principles that drive IMS make it a different and atypical organisation in the national landscape. We believe in the company as a significant change lever when it acts with other stakeholders such as cities, associations or chambers of commerce, employees, and artisans to work for a more sustainable and resilient economy.



Board of Directors: a new composition  

Three members have left IMS Board of Directors: Valérie Arnold, Mirjam Bamberger and Frédéric Sabban. We thank them for their contribution and participation during their mandates.

Christian Scharff will serve his last term as President of IMS Luxembourg. Julien Demoulin is appointed Vice President, Bruno Renders Treasurer and Myriam Baltes Secretary. 

We welcome Frédéric Vonner, Advisory Partner at PwC Luxembourg, to the Board of Directors.  

A new composition of the Board of Directors was submitted for the approval of the IMS members following the 2021 Activity Report presentation, the 2021 accounts validation and the 2022 budget. The Board of Directors currently has ten members, with an equal representation of women and men at 50/50.  

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