Bridges between companies and Sheltered Workshops: new publication

Published on 12 November 2021

On Thursday, 11 November, IMS Luxembourg, via the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg, published its new practical guide : Bridges between companies and AIP in Luxembourg


(Soon available in english)

This is the third guide to raise awareness on the issue of disability in the workplace. Its objective is to present the possibilities of bridges between the Sheltered Workshops (AIP), which employ people with disabilities, and companies in Luxembourg. Indeed, it is nowadays essential to talk about the different types of possible exchanges and their stakes, advantages, and necessary conditions for their realisation. Practically, this document will also allow you to discover a lot of valuable and practical information: the 13 managers of sheltered workshops, their services, the employment aids offered by ADEM, the inclusion assistant...  


Does your company want to buy end-of-year gifts in a sheltered workshop, welcome a trainee, hire a person with a disability?  To find out more, do not hesitate to consult the complete guide.  

If you missed the first IMS publications on disability, they are available for free on the Diversity Charter website under the publications tab.

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