Inclusion & diversity

The diversity of profiles is a strength and a key asset for companies. Global inclusion is thus indispensable to achieve equality and more responsible and performing organizations.


Registering 48% of non-Luxembourgish residents, 170 different nationalities, 192 121 workers commuting across the border every day, 41% of female workforce and 69.5% of the population in working age (15-64 years) for the first semester of 2018, diversity is multi-faceted in Luxembourg. These are only a handful of indicators of the magnitude of the task ahead when it comes to inclusion and diversity management.

In the corporate world, the diversity challenge revolves around ensuring that everyone has access to job and career opportunities in line with their competencies and aspirations, whilst respecting and considering his/her individual characteristics (gender, race, age, ethnic background, family situation, culture, patronym, etc.).

Raising awareness on the importance of these challenges for companies: this is IMS' offer to instigate change. This implicates real inclusion policies, allowing everyone to be themselves to offer their best potential to the organization.

The Diversity Charter Letzebuerg is a project at the national scale, which offers support and dedicated tools to better value diversity within organizations.

Concrete projects

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