Sustainability Manager Club - Webinar "Stakeholders & Green Washing"

In addition to the monthly meetings of the Sustainability Manager Club on the subjects of "Data & Repoting", "Stakeholders & Greenwashing" and "Awareness & Change Management", IMS, in partnership with Alexandros Kostopoulos, is hosting a thematic webinar on each of these subjects. These webinars, in English, will be an opportunity to deepen your knowledge on the subject, exchange on the latest news and highlight interesting reports and figures.

Recent events have highlighted the risk in telling a “green lie” and regulators in EU, but also around the world are increasing their legislative frameworks to protect stakeholders but also shareholders and investors. In 2021, the European Commission found that more than 40 percent of green claims made on business websites were “exaggerated, false or deceptive”. There is a clear need for understanding of what qualifies as “green” and what contributes to greenwashing. 

The live discussion of the SMC will act as a dialogue and brainstorming session in order to exchange views and opinions but also express ideas and share thoughts of communication approaches relevant to green or sustainability claims. Having the assistance of the facilitator, participants will have the opportunity to elaborate on, share their practice, and discuss about the approaches and ways to safeguard sustainability authenticity, data reliability and effective communication on both negative and positive impacts, but also actions to address and manage them. 

When? Monday 5th of June from 11.00 to 12.30
Where? By videoconference (connection links will be sent in due course)
For whom? Anyone involved in both reflecting on or implementing ESG / CSR within their organisation

Event in English.
No replay will be available after the event.

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Photos will likely be taken at the event intended to be published by IMS Luxembourg in written or digital media. Please inform the host at the beginning of the event if you do not wish to be in the photos.

Alexandros Kostopoulos is a sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) expert with over 20 years of experience. He believes that businesses can drive the transition towards sustainability, and has held senior management positions in organisations that specialise in sustainability and CSR.

He served as the General Director of CSR HELLAS and was a member of the Board of Directors of CSR Europe, contributing to the development of pan-European actions to promote sustainability. He has also coordinated numerous European and national funded programs, studies, research, and conferences on CSR, including the preparatory working group for the development of the Greek National CSR Strategy. Kostopoulos has supported businesses in understanding the CSR dimension and incorporating sustainability into their strategies through the application of transformation tools, coordinating training initiatives and programs implemented across Europe. He writes regularly in the press and participates in international publications on sustainability and business responsibility. Currently, he is the Sustainable Development Manager for a large listed Greek company in the energy and metal sectors.

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