City Nature Challenge in Kirchberg

This event takes place the same day on 2 different places, to choose according to your preference, this one is for Kirchberg. You can also go to the pages of the other places to register in the right place: Luxembourg Grund.

The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is originally organised by the California Academy of Sciences and Natural History Museum Los Angeles. It is an ongoing crowd sourced, citizen science project primarily designed to document urban biodiversity and engage city residents in the nature around them (also known as a bioblitz). The project is framed as a common effort between cities to see which can make the most observations, identify the most species, or have the most participants. It started in 2016 and has now expanded to more than 400 areas worldwide. 

The goals of the CNC are to: 

  • Connect people in urban/metro areas to their local nature 
  • Connect people to each other: build community in person & online around local nature 
  • Collect urban biodiversity data available to use for science, management, and conservation 
  • Grow volunteer biodiversity documentation globally 
  • Have fun through some friendly competition!

The Luxembourg National Museum of Natural History is the national coordinator of this event. IMS have decided to join this initiative and invite all their members to take part in this bioblitz.

In order to capture our observations, we will use the iNaturalist smartphone application. Please make sure you download it before the event and create your personal account (AndroidiOS).


When? Friday 29th of April, from 12h30 to 14h
Where? Meeting point at the Luxexpo Tram station, we will then walk together to the Arboretum site, a few minutes away.
With who? Thierry Helminger from the Luxembourg National Museum of Natural History and John Park from Bee Together 
For who? IMS members and Bee Together partners


Event in French and English, limited to 30 registrations. Beyond that number of registrations, a waiting list will be put in place.
In collaboration with the Luxembourg National Museum of Natural History and Bee Together







We inform event attendees that they are likely to appear on photographs taken during the event. These are intended to be published in written or digital media edited by IMS Luxembourg. 

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