REUSE Workshops 1/4 - "Recycling and revalorisation: the solution to plastic packaging?"

By 2030, all packaging in Europe must be reusable or recyclable.

While primary packaging seems to be moving in the right direction towards zero single-use plastic, what about industrial and commercial packaging throughout the supply chain? Production, transport, storage, commercialisation, recycling, ... After several meetings with different stakeholders in the Grand Duchy, IMS Luxembourg organizes 4 workshops on secondary and tertiary packaging. Each workshop will take stock of the current situation, the existing solutions and the challenges to be taken up to achieve sustainable management of resources and waste. 

How can we do "less" and "better" with industrial and commercial plastic packaging waste? The first workshop in the series will focus on recycling and recovery.

Upcoming workshops: 
•    17/11 - Tracking and monitoring: the solution for responsible management of "industrial" packaging?
•    24/11 - Reuse and repurposing: The solution to over-packaging?
•    01/12 - Craddle-to-craddle: The solution for packaging design in a circular economy?


When? Wednesday 27 October from 9 am to 12 (including a site visit of +/- 1 hour)
Where? Lamesch, 212 Z.A.E. Wolser B, 3452 Bettembourg

Number of participants limited to 20 / The event will be subject to a Covid-check procedure.



To ensure the safest possible events, please pay attention to the following points:

To participate in IMS Luxembourg's face-to-face events, each person will have to present a digital or paper COVID Check certificate:
    * Vaccination certificate (full vaccination schedule)
    * certificate of negative COVID-19 test (certified PCR test or certified antigen test)
    * certificate of recovery

> If you meet one of these three conditions, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the event, time for us to check the validity of the certificates of all participants. 

Please note that you will not be able to perform a self-test on site.

We also ask you not to come to the event and inform us if you have any symptoms such as cough, sore throat, or fever. This also applies if someone in your family has these symptoms.

August 2021 version: All the information below is updated according to the elements communicated by the Ministry of Health of Luxembourg.

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