Part&Act IN PRACTICE - Women in business: challenges and opportunities

Lunch and learn - Part&Act IN PRACTICE  
Women in business: challenges and opportunities

Let's share on the subject of women in business over a lively lunch
Whether you prefer a sandwich on the go, carbo pasta or a gastro meal, come and have lunch with us and discuss the subject of women empowerment in business. 

1.    Why it makes business sense to invest in gender equality:
In the last few years there has been a lot of talk about the importance of gender equality in business, but it is not always clear what the concrete benefits for employees and employers are of investing in making a change. We will look at the results of research and understand the business case for gender equality. 

2.    Internal and external barriers faced by women in business:
In recent times, women are experiencing a lesser degree of inequality at work in many respects, they still face significant barriers. Critically, while some barriers are imposed by external factors, others can be internal to the women themselves and are the result of social conditioning. Understanding and identifying these different types of obstacles are the first steps towards addressing gender inequality. 

3.    Practical strategies for organisations that want to support women in business:
Pink washing is real: Too often, organisations fall into the trap of creating unimpactful gender equality solutions in an attempt to tick boxes and appear to support women in business. We will look at practical strategies that can be implemented to concretely make a difference for your workforce, be they female or male.

Finally, we will share your experiences and answer your questions.
The Lunch & Learn will be presented by Giulia IANNUCCI, CEO of the social enterprise KnowThyBrand.

When? Thursday, December 9th, from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm 
Where? By videoconference (connection details will be sent to registrants in due course)
For whom? IMS member organizations 


About KnowThyBrand  
KnowThyBrand is a social enterprise committed to empowering women through strategic branding solutions.


Event in English
No replay will be available at the end of this webinar.  


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