Consume less plastic in business

When? Wednesday, June 13 from 9:00 to 12:00
For who? The IMS members, mobilized to reduce their consumption of plastic in the office and who wish to share their experience and exchange around this theme.

The plastic, this marvelous invention of mankind has facilitated our daily life proves to be a time bomb. Between 1950 and 2015, 8.3 billion tons of plastic were produced worldwide and only 9% of this production was recycled. Its exponential production leads to fields and even waste continents since plastic is anything but biodegradable. 6.5 to 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are discharged annually at sea, which is equivalent to dumping the contents of a garbage truck every second. It is possible that from 2050 the oceans harbor more plastic than fish. However, solutions exist to avoid the uncontrollable.

While the European Commission has recently presented a series of measures aimed at reducing the marketing of several single-use plastic objects, IMS invites you to participate in the first event of the project "Zero single use plastic" around the consumption of plastic in companies.

What are the stakes of plastic in the office and how to avoid it? What role can companies play in the face of the plastic challenge? What are the European strategies on the subject?

Come and talk to us about these questions, your needs and your issues.

Event in French (one of the speeches will be in English, without translation)

We inform all participants that they are likely to figure in some pictures taken during IMS' events. These pictures are destined to be published in written and online media edited by IMS Luxembourg.

Event reserved for IMS members.