The Positive Psychology Association of Luxembourg (PPL), founded in 2019, aims to make positive psychology and its applications accessible to a wide audience in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The fields of application we cover for the moment are: mental health/mental well-being, resilience, integration & interculturality, leadership, coaching/therapy.
We have chose the Oekozenter as our headquarters, because the link between mental health and nature is nowadays an integral part of psychology. Therefore, an important value of our association is the preservation of nature and sustainable activities that support human development and well-being in connection with nature. Positive Psychology, the 'science and practice of well-being' or could we say the 'science of happiness', is a part of psychology that brings together academic research and its applications for the prevention of mental health problems, for building resilience and generally promoting wellbeing, life satisfaction and fulfilment.

Main field of action: Integration and social action