Omega 90 asbl is the Luxembourg association for the promotion of palliative care and bereavement support. The association supports people through illness, death and bereavement.

Omega 90 asbl carries out its mission through four services:
• Haus Omega, a palliative care centre with 15 individual rooms that welcomes people at the end of life with their specific needs.
• The volunteer service, made up of more than 70 volunteers who accompany people suffering from an incurable disease in hospitals, care homes, at home and at the Haus Omega palliative care centre. Any adult can apply for the training course (comprising 165 hours over the course of a year) that qualifies them to provide voluntary support in palliative care.
• The consultation service, which intervenes after a death and provides information and support to bereaved people, people suffering from a serious illness and their families. There is also a specific consultation service for children and young people, the "Kanner- an Jugendservice".
• The training department, which has been organising continuing education courses in palliative care for health and psycho-socio-educational professionals since 1993. It also offers conferences, seminars and training days for the general public.

Its main field of action: Health and disability