The Association Luxembourgeois pour le Dialogue Interculturel (ALDIC asbl) was set up to promote initiatives in the youth, culture, arts and education sectors, both locally and in Europe.

ALDIC works to build spaces for dialogue that enable everyone, especially young people, to express themselves and participate in shaping society. The association's efforts are aimed at opening the way for young people and fostering their autonomy while promoting social cohesion.

Their actions focus on:
- Strengthening cultural diversity and intercultural learning to foster greater understanding and acceptance.
- Promoting non-formal education and providing training services to various target groups.
- Empowering young people and members of different local communities to design and implement inclusive local actions and projects.
- Developing young people's skills through volunteering opportunities to encourage active citizenship.
- Promoting the active participation of young people to ensure that all voices are heard and valued in building a more inclusive society.

Website: https://www.aldic.lu

Its main field of action: Integration and social action