Sources Rosport's motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg's activities:

Taking part in IMS’ activities will permit us to exchange our views and compare our objectives in term of social responsibility. We wish that by go through IMS, new initiatives will come to life and consolidate our positioning. 


Sources Rosport's CSR policy:

CSR plays a determining role in all decisions made by our management and in our employees’ everyday life actions in the workplace. Therefore, we aspire to be able to offer products that are manufactured in to most eco-responsible way as possible, in a secured work environment where respect of the individual in regards to diversity is advocated. 


Sources Rosport's CSR actions and frameworks:

The reduction but also the recycling of packaging wastes is one of the main axes on which we wish focalise major efforts in the future. We should not forget our natural environment and the limitation of greenhouse gas during the transportation of our goods and we ensure a pleasant and secure working environment. 


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