Sodexo's motivation to participate in IMS Luxembourg's activities:

IMS is an association that offers information and practical action for the setting up of CSR procedures in Luxembourgish corporations. Sodexo, with over 1000 employees in Luxembourg, wishes to get actively involved in sustainable development and take advantage of the dynamism generated by the member societies of IMS.


Sodexo's CSR policy:

Sodexo sees itself as a corporation, whose vocation is to increase the quality of everyday life in its relations to all business parties: its clients, consumers, employees and shareholders.


Sodexo's CSR actions and frameworks:

Sodexo has 4 CSR tracks:
1. Our firm engagement regarding equal opportunity and respect for employees, as well as our determination to fight any form of discrimination.
2. The informing of our consumers about a healthy and balanced diet and its benefits and lasting effects.
3. Our “Stop Hunger” program to fight hunger and malnutrition in the world.
4. Environment preservation: even though the ecological imprint of Sodexo is weak, we remain attentive in regard to pollution prevention, waste separation and the reduction of our use of water and energy.


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