RTL Group's motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

The concept of Corporate Responsibility is gaining more and more adherents throughout the world. To this effect, it is indispensable to provide a referential framework to accompany corporations in their responsibility approach and support them in achieving a common goal.

By becoming a member of IMS Luxembourg, RTL Group wishes to share its vision, ambitions and best practices in terms of corporate responsibility with other members. It also wishes to expand certain topics through IMS conferences and other initiatives.


RTL Group’s CSR policy:

RTL Group is aware of the special nature of the media business, as both an opinion former and information provider, and thus of its responsibility towards its communities. In this sense, responsibility has always formed an integral part of its business: At RTL Group, we care.

As a leading media organisation, RTL Group is in an excellent position to bring to people’s attention important social and environmental issues – particularly those that might otherwise go unreported or under-funded – through reports, magazine shows and series.


RTL Group’s CSR actions and frameworks:

RTL Group’s CR approach is focused on three areas:

Editorial independance: RTL Group is careful to ensure high editorial standards and journalistic freedom throughout the Group. The group’s news programmes may vary from country to country, but they share many traits that explain their popularity: they are credible, easy to understand, up to date and, above all, independent.

Society: As a global entertainment and information leader across broadcast, content and digital, RTL Group is well positioned to support a wide range of good causes and raise money for charities. RTL Group ensures its output reflects the diversity of the society, protects media consumers and intellectual property rights. RTL Group also uses its high profile to raise money and awareness to help to make a difference to disadvantaged members of society.

Employees: RTL Group strives to be a ‘first-choice employer’ and believes that the recognition and equal treatment of its employees is an essential element of the corporate culture. RTL Group does everything it can to ensure each of its employees has fair recognition, treatment, and working conditions, alongside development opportunities.

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