Agile Partner S.A.’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

For us, being a part of the IMS network is firstly to affirm our choice to be a responsible company. However, it is also to permit us to progress and learn more on our social responsibility. These are the sort of things that IMS Luxembourg offers us via the means of workshops, conferences, and encounters…


Agile Partner S.A.’s CSR policy:

CSR is an idea that we have been holding dear for long now. But, it only has been since recently that we have decided to put it in the spotlight with concrete actions such as the elaboration of our CSR label through INDR.


Agile Partner S.A.’s CSR actions and frameworks:

At the moment, we are working on implementing a concrete and global CSR policy in our company. We are attempting to bring together all of our little good actions in order to make them Agile Partner’s global strategy, for our collaborators and for society. 


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