KNEIP's motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

KNEIP participated in the creation of IMS in order to share its experience and exchange ideas concerning policies of Corporate Social Responsibility thanks the network forming the "IMS Luxembourg" association. KNEIP wishes to share its CSR activities internally, as well as externally with other corporations and the public.


KNEIP’s CSR policy:

Since its creation, KNEIP has given great importance to corporate social responsibility.

Progressively, its procedure structured itself: at the launch of the association “IMS Luxembourg”, KNEIP offered the association staff and premises. KNEIP also took care of logistical and administrative aspects, as well as of the General Secretariat.

In 2004, KNEIP decided to unite its resources (in a systematic and structured manner) in its procedure of social responsibility. Since then, an active CSR team exists and coordinates different CSR projects set up by KNEIP.


KNEIP’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Following a qualitative survey, which was done with its employees, KNEIP chose two areas of intervention: youth care and education support throughout the Greater Region.

These choices are compatible with the visions, values and means of the corporation.

Interested employees have thus been given the opportunity to volunteer in certain projects:

- Development of the mascot for the foundation “KriibsKrank Kanner” (Children with Cancer)
- Participation in the 2007 Télévie by bringing in various skills of KNEIP’s employees (design of the Télévie brochure, volunteering during the closing evening, …)
- Initiation and coordination of projects regarding the instruction of unemployed people in the professions of investment funds “Tremplin pour l’Emploi” (springboard for employment). The pilot project, set up in collaboration with the IFBL, took place from November 2007 to February 2008 thanks to the support of the Ministry for Work and Employment. Considering the success of this pilot project, another project is currently running.
- We receive 25 to 30 students every year in order instruct them in terms of the world of employment, as well as to prepare them for the real world.
- Organisation of conferences on specific themes.
- Donation of work and IT material to associations and schools.

At the planetary level, KNEIP supports the environment by separating waste and developing a “paperless” corporate cutlure.
Thanks to social, sporty, cultural and environmental contributions, KNIEP’s employees are sensitised in their civic roles.


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