IFSB’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Joining IMS has been incentivised by the desire to be put in touch with other companies developing their CSR approach, and hence, share experiences in order to efficiently improve our own CSR strategy. We also wish to have access to different types of expertise, pertinent content, and quality exchanges. The IMS team, being constantly engaged and professional, facilitates our constant dialogue. This has helped us find relevant contacts and pragmatic solutions, such as in sustainable buying.


IFSB’s CSR policy:

IFSB developed a strategic plan for CSR development based on 4 pillars forming guidelines of our CSR strategy aiming to meet our societal objectives.  
Our main focal areas are:
- Transparency, ethic in business and the engagement of our involved parties as partners in our development.
- Economical and social support to the construction industry.
- Encouraging responsible and sustainable employability of our internal partners.
- Reducing our environmental impact by choosing renewable energies and by optimising our consumption.

 IFSB’s CSR actions and frameworks:

We drafted a sustainable development charter between IFSB, their suppliers and subcontractors aiming to conform them to the Human Rights principles (labour standards, business ethics, environment, hygiene and security at work, etc.)
  • Signed the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg in 2014;
  • Implemented a waste-management and waste-sorting policy: obtained the superdreckskescht label;
  • We take action towards the youth promoting jobs in construction and offering them practical and recreational knowledge;
  • Internal awareness: to eco-driving (mobility week)/ to diversity in companies or also to the integration of disadvantages people (collecting funds for refugees);
  • We designed a methodology of extra-financial criteria for public and private tender procedures, in coordination with different sectorial and institutional actors, as a part of the CSR Value project, co-funded by the European Social Fund.


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