Enovos' motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

By joining IMS, Enovos wishes to bring in its experience in matters of CSR, to take advantage of the sharing of competencies and to actively promote and participate in CSR development.


Enerdeal’s CSR policy:


Our country’s economy must be at the service of individuals and collectivities. With this in mind, as its tagline “Energy for today. Caring for tomorrow” indicates, the Enovos group is engaged in the development of a strategy of corporate social responsibility contributing to sustainable development.

The transparency of management, organisation, status, shareholding and human resources, the creation of values through engagement in social projects and the support of cultural actions, as well as the protection of the environment, are put in to place in order to integrate social responsibility in management and decision mechanisms. Some of these engagements have been officialised and materialised.


Enovos' CSR actions and frameworks:

The Enovos group, as a civil corporation and public utility, is very conscious of its mission as a responsible corporation at various levels and aims to adopt a responsible procedure by integrating environmental, social and authorial dimensions in its daily workings.


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