Enerdeal’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

IMS is an organisation and a network that shares our values and permits us to put them forward, to share them, and to eventually create partnerships with other members.


Enerdeal’s CSR policy:

Our value proposition is at the heart of societal responsibility because it aims to reduce the energetic print of companies and to permit investors to participate in the profitability of the projects we develop, through crowdfunding (participatory financing), for example.

For both our clients and our collaborators, the values on which rely our management and growth are:

Enthusiasm: every one of us shares the passion of this job oriented towards the future. We are all proud of our activity, whose main aim is to meet objectives impacting the economy, social issues, and the environment.

Integrity: we are convinced that this better world to which we are inspiring cannot exist without the synergies between the economy and sustainability.

Engagement: Enerdeal’s activity is registered in the sustainability and the proximity with our clients. We remain present during all project developments, and we often finance them.

Excellence and trust: our activity is concentrated on quality, reliability and long-termism. We prefer to deliver added value rather than just a product: an intelligent consumption of energy, for more autonomy.


Enerdeal’s CSR actions and frameworks:

We wish to offer companies the means to generate substantial economies, assure their energetic autonomy, and, thus, contribute to a better world.

In close collaboration with our clients, we aim to reach long-term results, and create value in line with our societal responsibility. Our major contribution aims to create leverage for innovation and entrepreneurship, at the local and international level.


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