CACEIS Bank’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

By integrating IMS, we wished to share with other members our practices in relations to Corporate Social Responsibility, to exchange on this theme and to find inspiration to develop new initiatives.


CACEIS Bank’s CSR policy:

CACEIS is engaged in the CSR approach of the Crédit Agricole, which is organised around the pillars of economic, social, and environmental responsibilities: FIDES, ReSPECT, DEMETER (FReD).


CACEIS Bank’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Responsible & respectful… of our clients
Our clients request more and more certifications, controls, and reporting, and they appreciate the rigour of our compliance policy. CACEIS thus participates in FIDES, the economic pillar of CSR in Crédit Agricole, whose actions aim to train employees to the conformity of regulatory provisions, and to the ethics of banking activities.

Responsible & respectful… of our employees
Firmly registered in the ReSPECT charter of the Crédit Agricole group, signed in 2009, CACEIS is invested in programmes aiming towards equality between men and women in the workplace, equality of chances for all ages, employment and integration of people in situations of handicap, and the equilibrium between professional and personal lives.

Responsible & respectful… of the environment
CACEIS keeps pursuing its actions in favour of the environment, through the Crédit Agricole’s DEMETER programme. Our buildings are progressively equipped to reduce water and electricity consumptions and the entire site is now disposes of videoconference materials to limit the travels from one establishment to another. In 2010, we are reduced our paper consumption by reinforcing the dematerialisation of our reporting, and by limiting the volume of our archives.

In CACEIS Luxembourg, we have particularly developed the following initiatives:

  • Waste management with selective waste sorting bins in every office, and in all break rooms;
  • Usage of electronic greeting cards;
  • Two-sided automatic printing on ecological paper labelled FSC (Forest Stewardship Council);
  • Development of health and well-being initiatives: yoga classes, ASTF information sessions (sleep, stress, nutrition, solar action, physical activities, burn-outs); blood tests; anti-flu vaccinations; distribution of bio fruits; well-being day; … and the obtainment of to Health Award in Enterprises in 2009 and 2012;
  •  Financial support to non-profit organisations in which our employees are involved;
  • Donation of IT material to non-profit organisation;
  • Annual training plan;
  • Implementation of a teleworking programme
  • A wide range of part-timers;
  • Men-women equilibrium in our workforce;
  • Interventions in schools and universities to participate in juries, present our society, and the Luxembourgish employment market;
  • ISO 9001 and SAS 70 certifications on most of our activities;
  • Our friendly staff organise numerous events valorising conviviality (cooking classes, ski weekend, foodie walks, creative workshops, wine tastings,…)


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