Baker mc Kenzie​'s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

- As a law firm, we defend against inequality and social injustice.
- Be part of a long-term strategy for sustainable development in Luxembourg
- To be able to draw inspiration from the best practices already in place
- To have experts available to guide us in implementing our policy at a local level
- To pass on our good practice to other members 


Baker mc Kenzie​'s Sustainable Development Policy: 

Our efforts have focused on a solid commitment to diversity and inclusion, with quantifiable targets for many years. We have been supporting some associations for many years (LP4Y, Médecins du Monde) and many voluntary initiatives (Relay for Life, clothing drive). As far as the environment is concerned, we take action daily when it comes to choosing our suppliers and limiting our environmental impact as much as possible. 


Baker mc Kenzie​'s Sustainable Development actions and frameworks: 

- Partnerships with associations
- Raising awareness among our employees via webinars or conferences
- Choice of service providers (ethical, environmental, local)
- 0 waste management at our events
- Global group of lawyers denouncing injustice around the world
- Awareness of well-being and harassment (hotline, contact points trained in psycho-social risks)


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