SIX Financial Information’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

Our first motivation is to benefit from IMS Luxembourg and its members' knowledge and expertise, in order to educate our company and our employees to CSR.Thanks to IMS Luxembourg, we will have access to more practical tools to build our actions.We also intend to be part of the Diversity chart and participate to the related events and activities.


SIX Financial Information’s CSR policy:

As part of SIX group, our sustainability strategy is based on a three-pillar model. In these three areas, we can achieve the greatest possible impact for the economy, society, and the environment.

SIX as a Financial Market Infrastructure:     
- Simplify and support disclosure for issuers: SIX plays an integral part in harmonizing sustainability disclosure standards across key jurisdictions.
- Increase transparency for investors: SIX creates transparency around ESG-factors related to financial products and issuers.

SIX as an ESG Product Provider:
- Help navigate the jungle: SIX provides the tools to navigate the rapidly changing sustainability landscape by tackling regulatory challenges and enhancing core offerings.
- Move up the financial value chain: SIX creates new products and services supporting sustainability goals, moving up the financial value chain.
- Build platforms for sustainability:SIX builds platforms that enable others to work towards their sustainability targets.

SIX as a Good Corporate Citizen:
- Be an attractive employer: SIX invests in an increasingly diverse workforce and an inclusive working environment, to retain and grow attractiveness as an employer.
- Reduce the carbon footprint: SIX prepares to reach net-zero by 2050.
- Remain a trusted partner: SIX ensures credibility and compliance, aligning with evolving ESG standards and regulations (e.g., SBTi membership).
- Contribute to financial literacy: SIX promotes financial literacy and knowledge, supporting the contribution to a stable economy.


SIX Financial Information’s CSR actions and frameworks:

As a local entity of SIX group, we support and develop the group's CSR policy and actions. A Local ESG Committee, a group of 6 volunteers, has been formed beginning of this year in order to:
- Promote E.S.G. values and best practices in the company area
- Inform staff about ESG trends and initiatives
- Propose ESG-related events and activities to the staff (social day, vegan cooking class, etc.)
- Ensure that our client events respect ESG standards (candidate for the Green events logo)
- Evaluate and report, when possible, the ESG impact of our actions
- Gather and support our staff ideas and initiatives related to ESG 


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