Seismic’s motivations to participate in IMS Luxembourg’s activities:

At Seismic on a mission to engage, inspire and empower as many people and organisations as possible to use business as a force for good. We recognise that to make any meaningful impact in addressing the social and environmental crises, collaboration is key. Seismic has made it a company priority to connect with those who are working toward meaningful change. With the recent announcement of IMS as the Luxembourg partner for B Lab, we are very keen to stay connected to IMS activities and support however we can as members.


Seismic’s CSR policy:

Seismic’s mission is to enable companies to prosper by helping them become increasingly impactful forces for good and our vision is to help enable 10 million people to work for positive businesses by your 5th birthday. While we don’t have a CSR policy to share, we are a certified B Corp witih positive impact baked into every aspect of our business.


Seismic’s CSR actions and frameworks:

Seismic is built on the principles of what it means to be a B Corp and we have been a certified B Corp since March 2022. We use the B Corp framework to help business of all sizes build their ESG strategy and we use the same framework for our own business. 


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